AlShall is a financial and economic consulting firm and a full-service investment management company . Since its inception In Kuwait in 1981, the company and its affiliates have closed, assisted or managed multi-billion dollar assets
internationally. AlShall’s reputation as a prudent investor and asset manager dates back to 1982, when it was able to steer away from the Kuwait Stock Exchange crash dubbed “Al Manakh Crisis”.

In 1984 the company launched the first KSE value index, and later through its affiliate in Qatar, it launched the Qatari AlShall Index. The indices together with the Weekly AlShall Economic Report remain an indispensible reference for Investors and financial analysts in the region.

In October 2008, AlShall Morocco Consulting & Investments (AlShall Morocco) was created to match foreign investors with investment opportunities in Morocco. The company’s offices are located in the capital city of Rabat, Morocco.

An asset manager with proven experience in the global markets, AlShall is well suited to decide on, place, and manage investments due to the experience and expertise of its principals and staff. Armed with nearly 250 years of collective experience in investment management, private equity and real estate development Internationally, AlShall Morocco has identified especially attractive investment opportunities in Morocco .


To build valuable and equitable partnerships by bringing investment opportunities in Morocco to international investors and to deliver a significant and sustainable rate of return to investors while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Successful Track Record

The principals of the general partner have closed transactions at an aggregate value of multi-billion dollars.

Global Origination Network

AlShall Morocco has extensive investment expertise in the USA, the Arab gulf region and North Africa.

Timely Response to Opportunities

Using a streamlined investment review process and global resources, AlShall Morocco has the ability to evaluate and close investment opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Experienced Management

Senior management and key employees of AMCI and its affiliates have substantial experience in both the public and private investment sectors with a combined experience of more than 100 years.